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Spring Training: A Supplementary Guide To Retail Mattress Sales

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Spring Training is a 220-page comprehensive resource that covers topics from basic mattress construction to warranties. It is a must for rookies and veterans alike! This lighthearted book is a collection of ideas tested over 14 years that transforms the buying and selling of mattresses for both the consumer and salesperson. Topics covered include an overview of the most common way mattresses are sold, which leads to the “Needs Vs. Wants” Phenomenon – Gerry’s own unique way to approach mattress sales. He also covers the different types of mattress construction and the features and benefits of each, along with discussions of sales approaches, mattress guarantees, customer service and more. Spring Training is considered required reading for the sales force of many of America’s top mattress retailers, and many copies have been sold around the world.

Pages: 220
Publisher: Inner Spring