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We offer discounts for purchasing multiple copies of books based upon the total ordered. This includes orders of a single title or any combination of titles. Please use the following coupons corresponding to the total number of books you want to order. (not including 
"All 3 book special, already discounted)

Quantity                   Reg Price per book               Discount                    Price per book                    Coupon Code 

   10-49                                $19.95                                15%                            $16.96                                     xrt6pm

  50-100                                $19.95                                25%                            $14.96                                    bxtnvu

  100+                                    $19.95                                40%                            $11.97                                     jrv9v7

You can copy and paste code on order form to claim discounts.  Click to go to shopping page.

If you have any questions, please email call or text (903) 456-2015